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  Welcome to The Diary of Chris and Ash @ Candlespower
October 2010

Welcome to Chris and Ash’s diary.

Sorry to say it isn’t a very well kept diary and its upkeep, so far, has been rather sporadic!  It would be no untruth to say that we have been too busy to fulfill our resolution to re-write the diary more often, but having said that we promise to do better in the future!

The summer, thankfully, has been busier than ever and from the orders that are already flowing in for the Christmas season it looks as if we are going to be burning the candles at both ends on the run up to the big day.  

More and more people are finding their way to our shop in Betws y Coed and more and more are becoming regular customers and friends.  Thank you.

The website is now being visited regularly by so many of you and, again, a huge ‘Thank You’ to you for your continued custom and support.  We delight in providing unique and treasured gifts for your special occasions and enjoy the challenge of whatever you ask us to depict on your personal gifts of light.  You are all making the most of creating your own special messages and designs to give that extra personal touch to your candles.  We love every minute of creating ‘something different’ for you.  The comments we are getting from many of our customers is that these days it is so difficult to find something completely unique, special and totally personal and that is the reason people return again and again and again.

The Christmas department on our Candlespower website has previously been a poor selection of what we actually have to offer but this year you will see a vast improvement in our Christmas range.  With the help of our friend, Steve (, we will endeavour to bring our shop in North Wales right into your living room.  Don’t forget to order your candles for friends and relatives overseas in good time for postal deadlines.

BREAKING NEWS: Candlespower are extremely honoured to have been invited by Debenhams to attend one of their wedding shows.  We are very much looking forward to taking our Wedding Range of candles to this event and thank them for the recognition and confidence they have shown in our product.

Have a great autumn and run up to Christmas.

Best wishes to you All.

Chris and Ash

Candle Quote:- Always light a candle so a friend can see the way.

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