Candles in Betws y Coed
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Memorial Candles

These candles can be made with a glass container built into the top of the candle, which enables you to burn a t-light within the container as often as you want whilst keeping the beautiful candle that has been made in the memory of your loved one.
If you post or email us an image then we can print onto the candle. This does not damage the original photo or file as it will be returned to you.
Size & Price: D Size & Price: B,C,D
Pattern: m1 Pattern: m3
Memorial candles Memorial candles
Glass container + £3.50
Size & Price: A,B Size & Price: B,C
Pattern: m4 Pattern: m2
Memorial candles Memorial candles
Glass container + £3.50

Although we have a vast range of in-house designs, you may well require a more personal design of your own for this particular range of candles. Maybe you have a special quote or special wording, you may wish to incorporate a past career or hobby. These candles are extremely personal and you have the choice of making them as personal as you like in the memory of your loved one.

Wedding Candles
Carved Candles

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