Candles in Betws y Coed
Bespoke hand made, hand engraved candles, personalised wedding candles, anniversary candles, christening candles, birthday candles, memorial candles, funeral candles, christmas candles, photo candles, candles made in BETWS y COED WALES.

Mothers Day Candles

Size & Price: D Size & Price: A,B
Pattern: md3 Pattern: md4
mothers day candles mothers day candles
Size & Price: A,B Size & Price: A,B
Pattern: md5 Pattern: md6
mothers day candles mothers day candles


Size & Price: A,B Size & Price: A,B,C,D
Pattern: md7 Pattern: md1
mothers day candles mothers day candles
Size & Price: A,B,C,D  
Pattern: md2  
mothers day candles  
Iryis designs  
large egg or 80mm ball  
christmas Iryis candles Large egg candle available in:
black & Ivory gold decco on ivory & gold & silver on black

cost £3.95 each

80mm ball candle available in above colours etc.

cost £4.50 each


Size & price G, H, J

new sizes G 50mm x 125mm cost £3.95 each
H 50mm x 165mm cost £4.95 each
J 50mm x 210mm cost £5.95 each

available ivory & gold decco
black & gold decco
black & silver decco

christmas Iryis candles

Easter Candles

Size & Price: C,D Size & Price: A,B
Pattern: ea3 Pattern: ea2
Easter candles Easter candles
Size & Price: A,B Size & Price: C,D
Pattern: ea1 Pattern: ea4
Easter candles Easter candles



St Patricks Day Candles

Size & Price: A,B  
Pattern: stpat1  
St Patricks day candles  

Although we have a vast range of in-house designs, should you require a specific design of your own, i.e motif; theme that runs through your special occasion then we can certainly accommodate your personal requests.

Wedding Candles
Carved Candles

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